RonnInterested in growing African violets from seed? I want to help you succeed at that! Please read on.

We sell five kinds of African violet seeds, each kind corresponding to the type of African violet plants the seeds produce. The kinds are Standard, with plants 9-15 inches in diameter at maturity, with all-green foliage, and flowers of various shapes and colors; Miniature, 3-9 inches diameter, all-green foliage and various bloom colors; Trailer, various sizes, with trailing or bushy growth habit, all-green foliage, and various bloom colors; Variegated, various sizes, all with variegated foliage, and various bloom colors; and Fantasy, various sizes, all-green foliage, with around 25% of the plants having flowers with bi-color or fancy markings.

With each kind of our AV seeds, expect a lot of diversity with respect to flower shapes and colors, and foliage shapes, sizes, and shades of green. Each one of the plants produced from our seeds will be different from every other, just as every person born is at least somewhat different from every other. You will then be able to choose the plants you like best and clone them through leaf cuttings to produce identical copies of those plants.

Each packet contains enough seeds to produce at least 25 plants, except for Variegated seeds, at least 15 plants. The germination rate of AV seeds is affected by temperature and light and by the germination mix upon which the seeds are sown. See the Instructions page for details on sowing seeds and growing the seedlings to maturity. I recommend that you buy a bag of germination mix for each packet of seeds. However, when planting more than one packet of seeds, you can stretch out one bag of germination mix by using the mix only as a surface layer over your regular growing medium.

Ronn Nadeau