“Gene Tyree, Fayetteville, NC, wrote: Mr Nadeau, I planted your seeds in a pan with a plastic cover. You can see in the photo the date they were planted. This is now 29 days since planting. I am so pleased and impressed with the results. Thanks for your help.”

Gene Tyree

Fayetteville, NC

Dear Mr. Nadeau, That’s very sweet of you. Thank you so much. BUT……I have a better idea: How bout you send the seeds and I’ll send a check right away. That way they can cross in the mail, wave to each other lol, and we’ll get them the same time. You know I remembered how

Barbara Mizrahi,

Hi Ronn, A violet friend shared some of her violets from your seeds and two are getting ready to bloom. I will send pictures of them when they bloom. Happy Growing, Susan


Hi Ron! I’m glad to know that you are willing to send me free replacements. I did use a soil less mix but I think I did not wet the mix enough. I really love African violets and I hope to get it right next time. Thank you very much! Cory

Cory Dela Cruz,

Janet Lori, Newberry, FL, wrote: Hi Ronn, I thought you’d like to see some flowers from one of your seeds. It has an unusual shape. I’ve been asked by our African violet club to do an educational presentation at our next show. They want me to demonstrate how you grow African violets from seed. So I’ll be placing an order with you very soon. I really enjoyed growing African violets from seed thank you. I’ll look forward to hearing from you. _____________________ Janet Lori wrote again: Hi Ronn, Here’s another picture of one of your seedlings blooming. I have it on my desk at work. It is a very happy plant; it never stops blooming! Anyway, in your last email you offered seeds from specific crosses so we can germinate them in our club. I would like to do that so please let me know the cost including shipping for three packets of the seed and germination mix. Thank you for being so helpful and generous and offering your special seeds to us. _________________________________ In response, Ronn wrote: Janet, Thank you for sending the photo. Quite nice, looks healthy and happy. I will soon send you three specific crosses and three bags of mix.  The cost will be $25.00, for the packets, mix and postage. This is a special price because I will learn from the results you get if you send pictures of plants from the specific crosses. Thank you for starting this project! Ronn ______________________________________________ In response, Janet wrote: Hello and thank you for your generous offer. I will put a check in the mail today I’m very excited about this adventure and so is the president of our club. We’re looking forward to it. Enjoy your day! Janet

Janet Lori

Newberry, FL

Hi, Dr. Nadeau! I want to share with you three more seedlings blooming for me. These are all trailers. I have two others in spike and can’t wait to see them bloom. I’m growing them in natural light and maybe not the strongest/best light for them to get quick blooms. I know all the plants

Barbara Kempley

Hi, I just want to thank you. In June this year I bought some seeds from you to grow my own African violets. I am so excited to say they are growing absolutely beautiful I can’t wait to see the colors of blooms I get. From a stay at home mom with a love and

Jaimie Evans

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